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Dr. Paul Becker has been practicing sports medicine in Knoxville for over 14 years. As a Board Certified Sports Medicine Specialist and a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, he has performed over 2,000 surgeries and procedures and is invested in the full recovery of his patients. If you are suffering with a sports injury, Dr. Becker is the sports injury doctor to call for the best treatment available. Call (865) 250-4089 to make an appointment today.

Beckeronfield2When it comes to sports injuries, Dr. Becker has the experience you need. Not only does he coach his five children’s recreational soccer, baseball, and football teams, he is very active himself. Dr. Becker enjoys participating in Ragnar relay races and other sporting events. Beyond that, he has a lot of professional experience working with athletes. He previously served as the orthopedic consultant for Carson Newman College’s Athletic Department, and now he serves as the orthopedic consultant for the Tennessee Smokies baseball team. He is also the team physician for Farragut High School.

How Sports Injuries Happen

Sports injuries can occur in a variety of settings. Whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor sports or just exercising, your body can break down and result in injury. Accidents, insufficient training, improper use of equipment, inadequate stretching, or a lack of a thorough warm up before activity can all cause sports injuries. The most common sports injuries include tears, sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations. Dr. Becker knows how to determine the severity of your injury and can create a care plan catered to your body, your injury, and your needs.

Less severe sports injuries can be treated by resting from activities that may aggravate the injury, applying ice packs, compressing or wrapping the injury, and elevating the injury above heart level in order to reduce pain and swelling. If your injury falls in this category, Dr. Becker will provide a treatment plan designed to heal you.

Examples of Sports Injuries

The most commonly reported sports injuries that may require more thorough and intensive treatment include:

Dr Becker treating sports injuries in Knoxville TN at a football game.

  • Ankle and Foot Injuries: Sprains, strains, ankle fractures, and Achilles tendinitis are often seen in football and hockey players and in skaters. These injuries have a few options for treatment, such as orthotics, braces, physical therapy, injections, or surgery.
  • Shoulder Injuries: Torn rotator cuff ligaments and shoulder dislocation can cause severe pain and are often seen in football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and gymnasts. Overusing your shoulder while playing sports can cause these types of injuries. Depending on the severity of your shoulder injury, the best treatment option can vary from conservative interventions to surgery.
  • Hip Injuries: Fractured femur bones, labral tears, and hip dislocations are common sports-related injuries. Because hip joints bear a lot of weight, they are more susceptible to injuries while playing sports. Hip injuries are very serious and need to be treated immediately in order to avoid further complications. If you injure your hip, you will likely need a rehabilitation program and physical therapy after medical treatment. This will help strengthen your muscles and improve your movement.
  • Knee Injuries: Knees often get overused and abused by athletes. This can lead to a tear in your anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. The ACL is a major stabilizing ligament in the knee. It doesn’t heal particularly well, which can result in instability. Knees can also suffer from cartilage damage and from meniscal tears. These more severe sports injuries can require surgical intervention, either in open surgery or through a minimally invasive technique. You will likely need physical therapy in order to strengthen your muscles, improve elasticity, and increase movement in your knee. An ACL tear should be treated by an experienced sports medicine doctor.

Dr. Paul Becker treating a sports injury in Knoxville Tennessee.Why Choose Dr Becker?

Dr. Paul Becker has performed over 2,000 procedures treating ACL, MCL, rotator cuff, and other reconstructive repairs. Dr. Becker is a Board Certified specialist in the evaluation & treatment of these types of orthopedic conditions. While some injuries do require surgery, many do not. Dr. Becker will weigh out all of your treatment options with you after completing a thorough evaluation of your sports injuries. Together, you and Dr. Becker will be able to create a plan that is best suited for you and your recovery.

Don’t stay sidelined with an injury; let Dr. Becker help you get back in the game. Call Dr. Becker today (865) 250-4089 to set up an appointment.